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Jan 15 '14

2013 in review

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Jan 15 '14

Review of 2013

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Jan 15 '14

Acoustic guitars + Rock = Great formula

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Oct 26 '13

Some of my fav’ tunes of this year so far … I am sure i forgot many :)

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Dec 28 '12

A year of new and inspiring music !

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Dec 25 '12
Riffing through the desk!

Riffing through the desk!

Dec 20 '12
Guitar pedal red blindness !

Guitar pedal red blindness !

Jul 20 '12


TheAxeheadJournal_Desert Soul_Credits

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Jun 24 '12

Desert Soul - Release details !

Cozmopolitan Media & Believe present:

‘DESERT SOUL’ - The new epic single


Written, performed and ‘desertified’ by Guigz at The Axelab, London UK

Mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, New York, USA. (Green Day, Slipknot, Talking Heads, The Beatles, Mudvayne, Iron Maiden, Rufus Wainwright, Jay Z)

"it is complex, it is big and epic… I am very exited and hopefully fans will be too ! This one took over my life for some weeks, but now it is all done, and we got Sterling Sound on the case for the final mastering, which is very cool. It is definitely a step forward as I meant to do a tune that sounds like ‘Desert Soul’ for years. We have some cool stuff in the pipeline we are preparing for the release, stay tuned !" - Guigz

Click here for full details

Jun 10 '12

Official Merch ! “Desert Soul” T-Shirts


Whilst the new single is being mastered, we have been busy setting up our store.

This is where you can find the official line of “Desert Soul” T-shirts !

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May 7 '12

Desert Soul : New single coming soon!

Hello folks !

Ou next single, Desert Soul will be released in a few weeks. An 8’40 epic journey…which took over my life for the past few months, as it’s very much like mini songs into one. It is essentially a journey so it made sense to go for swings and roundabouts… some call it PROG !

Hopefully it will make sense !  Here is the artwork… more details coming soon.

Desert Soul - Single Sleeve

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May 1 '12

Some great unplugged tunes in there !

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Apr 11 '12

Press The Axehead Journal Spotify button !

In collabo with Spotify we are now re-shaping all full-track play functionality !

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Mar 20 '12

Mixing the new single

The Axehead Journal is currently mixing the new single. “It is an epic one, a journey and It is the kind of music I have longed to make for a while”. says Guigz. Stay Tuned for upcoming release details.

TheAxeheadJournal-DS Sessions-LQ

Dec 3 '11

Axehead mark II : the new website

Explore the new website anywhere on your mobile, PC or tablet. Click here for full details


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